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How to charge a Tesla EV at home. 

***Please not this applies to Tesla, and other EVs will be similar but use different equipment.***

You have many options for charging a EV at your home.

First you need to decide what you want to have installed at your home.

110v – Is already installed in your home and can be used to charge a Plug-in Hybrid overnight. This is using a standard home outlet. This will take 7-8 hours to fully charge a Plug-In Hyrbid. About 24-30 hours to charge a Tesla. If you plan to drive your Tesla everyday, a 110v charger will not work for you.

240v –  A professional electrician will need to come out and install this plug. Depending on your home, you will want to get a NEMA 50amp/240v plug installed. This is the same plug that your stove or oven uses. This is a 4 prong plug. See picture.  $1000-$1500

Next you need to decide on what charger you want to use. Your Plug-in Hybrid or EV/Tesla will come with a charging cable when purchased from Hybrid and Electric Car Sales.


Your Tesla will come with a Tesla charging cable, 110v adaptor, and J Plug adaptor. If you want to use this charger, you can, but keep in mind that it will take 25-30 hours to fully charge your Tesla.  This is the lowest priced option, but it does take  longer to fully charge the car.

If you want to use your Tesla charging cable in a 240v plug, you will need buy a 240v/50amp adaptor plug to use. $75-115. 100% faster than a 110v, but 50% slower than a dedicated 240v charger.

*The Tesla charging cable can also charge other EVs if a separate adaptor is purchased.  We use this set up at our home. 240v plug, and Tesla wall charger with 240v adaptor.

Option #2

You can have a J-plug wall charger installed that will use the 240v plug and use the J to Tesla adaptor to charge your car. This is the set up we have in our shop. The wall charge was about $500. This will charge 50% faster than Option #1.

J Head with Tesla Adaptor Installed


Option #3

You can have a Tesla wall charger installed that will use the 240v plug but will need be hardwired in. No adaptor is needed to charge your car, and it’s a cleaner look install. This is the most expensive option. The charger is $650+, and requires additional installation cost. Estimate between $2000-$2500 for this system. This is simplest system to have installed to charge your Tesla. Charge times will be 50% faster than using then using Option #1.

Tesla Supercharging and DC Fast Charging are Considered Level III and are different than these options. These are not available for home use…yet.


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