Have a complex issue no one else can solve? No local shop wants to work around the high voltage electronics on your Hybrid or EV? Receiving repair estimates higher than the value of the vehicle? Need a high voltage battery replacement or rebuild? How about a battery test or pre-purchase inspection? We have heard from our customers! And we are now opening our garage door and offering service and maintenance for all our customer Hybrid and EV vehicles, not just the cars we have for sale!

Our service team is trained in every aspect of Hybrid and Electric Car maintenance & repairs as well as having the right diagnostic tools for the job. We have many custom electronic devices for testing Hybrid and Electric cars that are not available to most repair shops. Some of our tools are the same as the dealers!

If you drive a Hybrid or EV and want to make sure you’re receiving quality service at a great price, we’ve got you covered. Call or stop by Hybrid and Electric Car Sales in Franklin, TN today!

We also use upfront and simple pricing for all of our services. Most are flat rate charges with no surprises. AND We never charge shop fees!

Our Current Labor rate: $100/hour…. COMPARED TO:- TN State Average: $147.43*!!!

Lastly, we offer an affordable comprehensive selection of warranty and service contract products to specifically written to protect and maintain your Hybrid or EV vehicle.

See our Warranty Page for more info!

We Specialize in:

All Toyota, Tesla, Honda, BMW, Ford, and Chevrolet Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids, & EV Models.