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Kits available for Ford Fusion/C-Max/MKZ  Hybrid or Energi

2 Kits: Hybrid or Energi

$1695 + tax, includes shipping

We also offer installation of the kit!

Bring the transmission removed from car: $2495 + tax

Bring us the car, we remove and rebuild the transmission: $3695 + tax

We Can fix Non-Running and Damaged cases – $TBD

Kit Includes:

1 338B Main stater bearing #1
1 338A Main stater bearing #2
2 338C Secondary stater bearings
2 222 Transfer gear bearing cups
1 348A/C Transfer gear***
1 222A Diff Bearing cup #1
1 221A Diff Bearing #1
1 221B Diff Bearing cup #2
1 222B Diff Bearing #2
1 F342 Gear Input
1 348C Shaft Assembly Bearing
1 A398 Forward Planet
1 H375 Thrust Bearing
1 77A Axle Seal – R
1 77B Axle Seal – L
1 048 Input Shaft Seal
1 7A098 Trans Filter
1 7H074 Oil Drive Gear

*Kits will include all Ford OEM parts in OEM packaging. Some bearings may be substituted with upgraded Japanese versions, depending on availability. Some parts are sourced outside the US Ford catalogs.  Additional case parts, staters, and windings are also available for special order. Kits are in stock and ship from Franklin, TN in 1-2 business days.


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